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Urine drug toxicology enables physicians to monitor patients’ medication consumption and reduce their risk of drug addiction. BAS Premier Lab offers access to experienced toxicology experts and tools. Our comprehensive toxicology menu includes 10 drug classes for qualitative screen and more than 75 drugs and metabolites for quantitative LC-MS-MS confirmation. Our staff PhD toxicology director is available upon request for laboratory results review and interpretation.

If you wish to learn additional information on urine drug testing please review following articles with helpful information.

  1. Rational Urine Drug Monitoring in Patients Receiving Opioids for Chronic Pain: Consensus Recommendations by Charles E. Argoff, MD et al.

  2. Urine Drug Testing In Chronic Pain by Paul J. Christo, MD et al.

  3. Urine Drug Testing In Primary Care by Douglas Gourlay, MD et al.

Urine Drug Toxicology

Specimen Collection

Urine Vacutainer Collection Kit

Turnaround Time

3 - 5 days

In addition you can get yourself acquainted with our template result report below.

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