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Covid - 19 Testing

Covid-19 Testing   

No Out-of-Pocket Expense For Qualified Patients​

The Cares Act provides for 100% coverage of Covid-19 screenings for all people who have qualifying symptoms, or for people who've been exposed to someone with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19.  Provided you are symptomatic or have been exposed to someone with a confirmed diagnosis, the Cares Act requires your insurance company to cover 100% of the cost of the test with zero out-of-pocket applied to your deductible, co-insurance or co-payment.  Please see the Cares Act for eligibility requirements. 
       COVID-19 Drive Through Testing Facility
       BAS Premier Lab is proud no offering a drive through testing.  We accept all insurance. There is zero out of pocket cost for any person that is symptomatic or any person that's been exposed to someone with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19.  We utilize Codes U0004 - for RT PCR coronavirus screening, and G2303 - for specimen collection and handling of handling of coronavirus 2 (Sars-CoV-2) Covid-19. Our published cash price for CPT code G2023 Specimen Collection is $123.00,  and U0004  for RT PCR screening of coronavirus 2 (Sars-CoV-2) Covid-19 is $900.  In special cases we reserve the right to provide prepayment expedited service charges or discounts for patients that are non-symptomatic and have not otherwise been exposed to someone with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19.  

On Site Employee Testing

We now offer onsite testing for employers.  We come to your office and test all of your employees in an efficient manner and usually provide the results in 24 to 36 hours.  Group discounts are offered for employers with 25 or more employees.

Specimen Collection

Nasopharyngeal or Oropharyngeal Swab

Turnaround Time

24 - 48 Hours

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