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BAS Premier Lab is a CLIA-accredited clinical laboratory that offers cutting-edge genetic testing.
We serve physicians and their patients by offering genetic tests and comprehensive reports that give physicians the tools they need to guide patient medical management. We specialize in the areas of Infectious Diseases Molecular Testing, Personalized Genetic Medicine, Inherited Genetic Disorders, Women’s Genetic Health and Urine Toxicology Testing.

We strongly believe that the value of advanced genetic testing lies in actionable, relevant results reporting with medical management guidance, based upon publications by international pharmacogenetic expert groups, consortia, or regulatory bodies.

Coronavirus testing is  additionally offered at our drive through facilities.  Patients must have a valid physician order to receive a test in order for it to be covered by your insurance company or any third party payor, including but not limited to the Cares Act, Medicare and Medicaid.  The cash price for the CPT code U0004 RT-PCR coronavirus screening for coronavirus 2 (Sars-CoV-2) Covid-19 cost $900, and $123.00 G2303 - for specimen collection and handling of handling of coronavirus 2 (Sars-CoV-2) Covid-19.  Diagnostic Affiliates of Northeast HOU, LLC laboratory additionally does business as 24 Hour Covid Laboratory. You may access a directory of our drive through testing centers by clicking here.

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